October 1, 2012


I am going on hiatus. I need to figure out how to get this blog to its full potential.

So thanks for all the views. :)

Spoil yourself once in a while...you deserve it.

September 29, 2012

Happy Saturday

I have been obsessing over my photo apps. making bokeh's, frames, filtering, and just trying to get it right onto Instagram. 

I tried on the H&M angora blend sweater and hate it. Am I the only one who hates a shedding sweater that feels pricky against my skin? It seriously sheds and sticks to everything. I found a nice pair of faux leather pants. One size felt just snug right and I was contemplating whether to go up a size because I knew if I washed them it will shrink. And I was not going to throw down $35 twice. I went for the snug and just hope it won't shrink and I get skinnier haha. The $5 shirts were nice. Got a thin blue top with white designs that falls low - perfect combo with the high waisted pants. 

This weather has been super warm so any thoughts of wearing pants, sweaters, or long sleeves is outta the question. Can't wait for the cool fall season...this means new wardrobe on rotation! Short shorts and tanks are making their way back deep in the closet.

I'm wondering what I can do to vamp "the Spoiled Hanger" because it feels a little...dull?

September 26, 2012

Kappa Sushi

The Surf n Turf had lobster mush, fried asparagus, avocado inside and kobe beef(yes part of it's red raw) & garlic chips toppers. It was good and I liked how the sauce was put on the bottom of the plate so when you eat it has enough flavor to it. Fresh tasting? Sure. Never had kobe beef on sushi before and it tasted barely there. I rather have a real cut of meat. =) The garlic chips lingers in your mouth. Not bad.
 Below that is the sashimi special plate. The sauce was tangy good. Pretty....

September 22, 2012

Belkin - Grip Candy Sheer Case for iPhone5 Purple/Teal

This is the case I use for now because I like the teal border and purple backing with a lining on the front. The grip power is low. If your fingers are moist it'll slide a bit since its so smooth not rubber to make that 'grip'.

The Best Buy website shows the Apple logo see-thru to a shine on the back, but, it doesn't much. And as for those tiny teal dots on the lower right in the stock photo - doesn't exist. The teal is more on the darker side and the purple is more like a dark fuchsia color.
I still LOVE it though!

If I could switch the teal with this bright blue color...I sure would! So Belkin if you see me....get this exact bright blue and make it! The dark teal is an ehhh-I'll-setttle-for-now type of color.

The power and volume buttons work well with this case. =)


the Devouring Fork - Applebee's

Looks like I'll post my food blogs on here too instead of making 2 separate blogs...food and fashion all-in-one sounds good yeah?
I am so loving Instagram! It takes a while to see which filter looks better...kind of like when you go to the eye doctor and they ask you 'one' or 'two'...and you want to switch back to see the other one again... =P
Twist chips with spicy queso dip, oriental grilled chicken salad, and ice cream chocolate cookie. All pretty delish.

September 21, 2012

My New Love...

It's time I jumped on the iPhone band wagon....and now I finally own one yaay! I've been so jealous of all the iPhone users. Now with this baby I can take a lot more photos, organize my life better, mess with Siri, and play all those cool app games. Yay for upgrading!
Thanks Jesus for all your blessings. =)

 iPhone5 white unboxing photos....hehe

 I'm one happy camper! I plan to do a random photo each day using instagram.

Did ya'll like the black or white version? If you have a favorite phone case website, let me know~!

Fashion Forward

Dulce Tejeda is Dulce Candy at www.dulcecandy.com  She isn't a stranger to youtube or blogging. I just had to put her for FF cause she's one of the 1st bloggers I've been following for a long long time.

♦ I can sum up her fashion as....sophisticated girly to edgy.

♦ If I could wear what she does in those photos to work, I would. And if I had the money.

♦ She has her own clothing, jewelry, accessory, handbags, and shoes line.  {Jealous}

♦ Her photos turn out beautiful - background location, lighting, the camera itself is awesome{jealous again}, and of course her!

♦ She seems like a nice girl.

Besides...like ya'll didn't know that. Heh. Yay Dulce!

Forever 21's Sale on Sale!

Additional 50% Off Already Reduced Merchandise In-Store & Online

Ends 9/23


Shopping online was crazy - 2 items disappeared off 'My Bag' cause someone else just bought it. Ugh! And they were super cute too... So think hard whether you want it, but, FAST too!


September 19, 2012


One of the best tanks I love to wear over my sports bra when I work out. I bought a purple one a while ago and it's still in good shape. Just some fuzzies, but, they're easy to pick off. The site only had black&white in this design. I love the backing. It's a 'one size' stretchy fit that doesn't irritate you when you run or move around a lot.

The store had only black and white. So, I got the black one and another top that was on sale.

 The material is super soft and gentle feel. 100% rayon.

Didn't see this at the store. I want these, but, they ran out of my size online...nooooo! Super cute.

And all you pink cheetah fans...
only $4.97!!!! Get Here

September 18, 2012

Pocky Trays

Call it ghetto....call it odd...
.....call it the way to keep part of my makeup organized.

The ones I often use are kept here on the counter for easy access. The others are stowed away in the drawers. 

Besides I love Pocky! I figured I'd use it for something after all my Pocky bags were gone. And wah-lah! It has a decent look to it..so, until I find 'the one' this is where it shall be.


Big Time Rush

I am totally poppy! Backstreet Boys was the 1st boy band I loved back in 1999.

Still poppy to this day and Big Time Rush is my boy band I just love love love!

Their show on TeenNick is hilarious...cause the guys are just great actors!

Logan and James are my 2 favorites...aaah! Hott!
I am so going to next years tour again if they come back to town...James you better come home and sing for us!

One of my favorite songs.... "Halfway There"
I seriously jump up and down to their songs...and I don't have to be at a concert to do it...heh. *squeals*

September 15, 2012

Groupon Love...~~!

Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week cause that's when groupon has the best deals! The really good stuff usually runs out before 12pm.

For those who don't know it's a place to shop really expensive products at a bargain. However there will be products that are just whack that are wannabe-considered-expensive. I missed 2 really really awesome deals that were sold out fast before - Dyson Bladeless fan and Jewelmint's Eternity necklace!! Ahhhh. 2 things I really wanted that just so happened to be on groupon!

So here's a good one I saw and got:

Herstyler Complete Styling Set

The Deal
$59 for a HerStyler complete styling set (a $326.44 list price), which includes a Colorful Season hair straightener, a travel hair straightener, and a Baby Curls Grande curling iron.
Choose from sets in black, hot pink, purple, purple leopard, pink leopard, or white zebra.

The HerStyler complete styling set is the Swiss army knife of hair styling kits, performing any hair-taming task with its 1.5-inch and travel hair straighteners as well as a clip-free curling iron. Both the mama and baby straightening irons smooth frizz and unwanted waves with solid ceramic plates, generating glossy styles with minimal heat damage. The curling iron coils locks into springy ringlets or soft waves with the aid of tourmaline heat technology, while an included heat glove shields hands while styling or lobbing lava balls during lava-ball fights.
Colorful Season Hair Straightener
  • 1.5-inch solid-ceramic plates for speedy, uniform straightening
  • Smoothes hair for glossy, frizz-free styles
  • Adjustable heat settings with a max temperature of 460 degrees
Travel Hair Straightener
  • Ceramic plates heat in 30 seconds
  • Ideal for travel or precision styling on domesticated fairies
  • Negative-ion technology
  • Maximum temperature of 410 degrees
Baby Curls Grande Curling Iron
  • Clip-free curling iron for 18- or 25-inch curls
  • Create curls, waves
  • Instant tourmaline heat technology
  • Includes heat glove

They're usually at the kiosks at the mall. I have the pink straightener and still have trouble getting the right angle to create curls. Once I get my new zebra set I'll practice more and hopefully get the curl down perfectly. The curls I make are kinda off, but, decent. My right side ends up looking nicer than the left cause I'm right handed heh.

I also have the shampoo. It smells great and makes my hair feel soft. The serum smells the same too. If you go to the kiosks pretend you don't know if you want to spend that much or some line cause they will bargain down for you immensely. The people that talked to me always say 'just for today I'll give it to you for $100 normally $120' yaddah yaddah 'I won't be here tomorrow' or 'my boss will get mad that I'm giving you this deal'....it's all a joke cause they will always make money even if they even say they will sell it to you at the price she would get it for. So go with a girlfriend cause it makes it that much easier! My friend got a free shampoo cause we were like '..ugh I dunno...'. =P

I heard online buying at amazon and such it doesn't smell the same...so be wary when thinking about purchasing online. I rather buy it at a kiosk and be able to sniff it and just do that whole 'I dunno if I want this' act.

Anyways...enough me blabbing..

September 14, 2012

Fashion Forward

Lauren Chu at www.ldotcdot.com is a fashionista who I like because she :

♦  posts frequently and responds back
♦  mixes colors perfectly
♦  a wardrobe selection I wish I could have from inexpensive to expensive
♦  details of her 'hanger' and links to it or similar
♦  and photos of her dog Kimchi....!

She shows variety and that's awesome!

September 9, 2012

Charlotte Russe - Shoe Haul

They have vibrant colors to styles that look almost like the designers...almost. It's cheap and sometimes their quality is too. But, if you are looking for cuteness in your closet collection, few photo poses, and just like it - get it!

They have a couple sales going on:
Select shoes for $20 and Buy 1 Get 1 $15.50. Lots to choose from.

  I like the phrase, "If the shoe fits, rock it."

This sparkly leopard print pump caught my eye and even though I can't walk in it, I'm still getting it. I blame the 'if its cute i want it...at a reasonable price' feeling in me. ;)
$35.50 on sale for $20

Motorcycle Jacket Platform Bootie
A girl tried this pair on and I had to too. It was super comfy and thick. I only took a few steps to the mirror, but...I think I can walk in this for at least an hour type of comfy.
Super cute and rockish!
Buy Motorcycle Jacket Platform Bootie Style Sonny Here

 I needed a new pair of black boots. Getting into this was tough. The hard mold above the Achilles heel was tight so my back foot couldn't push through unless I pulled the wrap part hard hoping it wouldn't tear. After that part, it felt fine. And no I don't have cankles, the boot is just made that way. =P
So with the sale, the $30.00 boots became $15.50 yay!

I would never pay $40 on a pair of CR booties. With the deal of $15.50 I figured it be as if I spent $28 each.
Hope the sale is still going...!

Bieber Fragrance at Macy's ✿

Aw they have Justin Bieber's fragrance next to Selena Gomez's

I won't ever buy it though hahahaa..
  I am still a Belieber though... 

$49 Girlfriend Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7oz
They even have a Girlfriend Swept Away Hair Mist 5 oz.  $20, what the?? No wonder he's a millionaire. I would take the regular perfume and put that on my hair....just saying.

Shop at Macy's for full collection 

September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out - San Diego

Fashion Valley had its runway at the center court modeling outfits from Juicy Couture, White House Black House, Chico's, Banana Republic, Tory Burch, and more! I wasn't photo frenzy cause I wanted to enjoy the moment. There are sites with all the outfits somewhere...?

Click for more...

August 31, 2012

Michael Kors Jeans

Marshall's...you are my new discount love!

There is nothing wrong with this pair...it's just a past season style. It's a beautiful medium wash and a skinny fit. The end scrunches, so, a boot look will be my best look with it.

Go to your Marshall's and search around...you might find a good pair of jeans for next to nothing!

August 1, 2012

Say Hello To My New Ride... ;)

Helloooooo Pink Bentley!

As I stared out the passenger window heading to Windansea with some friends at night, a pink car caught my eye and it was a Bentley! A metallic pink Bentley! Oh myyy gosh! My girl friend saw it at the same time too and we were excited and giddy about it. The boys didn't care. After we came back from Windansea we stopped by and took photos. <3!!

I'm thinking, where the heck is Paris Hilton? She can own this!

How much do they go for anyways?

July 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Snap Wallet

Saw this cute wallet and couldn't resist. It brought back memories.

When I was younger Sanrio was all over. Everyone was into Pochacco, Kerropi, Badtz Maru, and of course Hello Kitty! School accessories and all things Sanrio. But, this particular wallet brought back memories cause it still has the same clear slots and coin purse like the good 'ol days. I bet some fans out there still have theirs to this day! Right? I lost my original wallet. =/ It took its beat downs and it ripped here and there. It is plastic overall.
It's just funny thinking how this brand keeps going and going after all these years.

Get it!
 Cupcakes, donuts, hearts, bows, and CUTE!

July 11, 2012

i want to start a new trend...

Taking good eyeliner pencil (MAC Pearlglide Black Swan - my favorite!) and drawing cute doodles right below the collarbone when wearing a v-shirt or low top.

Heart-arrow and smiley face is what I dig right now.
Here's a quick draw in black....if you add more color and start designing, it be as if it's a colored tattoo right??

The MAC pearglide is so soft. If I want a little sparkle on my face or chest I draw on it and wipe it off; the tiny tiny silver glitter stays on and it rocks! I use Pond's The Cool Classic Cold Cream to wipe.

We'll see how this trend goes. =)

June 28, 2012

Forever 21 Haul - Activewear

{Sports Bra}
Bras bras bras...which material to get? Which style?

This one is my favorite. . I know there are so many fabrics out there and haven't tried all of them, but, when I know one is comfy enough I stick with what works.

The stock photo looks peachy - in actuality it is super orange neon. Be spotted a mile away.
[It is the right one even though there is another bra that says neon orange.]

Although the color wasn't what I wanted it is the type of sports bra I love that is comfy, stretchy, and no irritations. The racerback style is fine for me cause it holds well. If you work out in the sun you will get a thick no-tan line. Keeps you a little warm since its thick.

Shell: 96% nylon, 4% spandex; Lining: 74% polyester, 22% nylon, 4% spandex
...is my combo for sports bras.


The purple is beautiful and the cross straps are unique to look at. I like how the front has the thick straps and the back is strappy. This was a toughey getting into it and it felt super tight all around. Don't think I can work out in this tightness. But its sooo cute...! Cuteness always gets me. I couldn't notice the multiple straps so that part was comfy. =) There are small light pads you have to wiggle around to adjust to the right spot. I'm guessing to minimize the noticeability when it gets chilly?

Don't know if I want to return this. When running in place it does the job of holding them in. Even without running they were pretty packed in that bra. Maybe I'll get skinnier and it won't be a problem anymore. ;)


Breathable? Lightweight?

The 92% nylon/ 8% spandex material is stretchy tight to accentuate your body. The pink is fanstastic on the undersides. When I raise my arms its perfectly armpit stitching allows me to and won't rise the jacket up. Keeps warmth since its stretchy tight. Breathability is low. The medium-thick fabric material holds together so you might sweat quick with this one and retain heat...even though there are air pocket sticthing on the back. Extra open pockets inside where the side pockets are sewed. I think it's an inner pocket?!

Great for yoga and light exercises.
Reminds me of something the tmobile girl would wear. Pink and girly.
The only con to this is that it is white.
               Staining = Mortifying

Hang dry is a must since it's already a tight fit and probably would shrink drastically if thrown in the dryer. This material is the type that might create fuzz balls. It's not cotton fuzz balls...I have a tank in this material and it has fuzzies. I feel like this is a "baby" because I have to be careful not to put it on anything that could stain/dirty it up and lay it right or it might get fuzzed.

Definite good splurge in short terms.


If you plan on walking around arms straight down throughout exercises then this is for you...
When I wear this and reach for the skies or out horizontally I bare midriff and feel turtlenecked when zipped up.

Poor sewing around the armpits is what causes this effect. It's stitched down low beneath the armpit so when you you raise up your arms, the jacket levers up. Horrible horrible.
[On that photo you can see her arm slightly up when angled and you can notice how it raises on just that side..so imagine moving your arms in this and how high the ends will go up]

The color is nice, but, not as bright as the photo shows. It's more darker.
The light material of mesh(inside : upper back and around the armpit) and polyester(the DJ spin type with your nail) is lovely. I can throw this on and off and not have to worry about anything. <-- Major plus!! Cause there are some clothes I have to carefully fold or put down and make sure its not on anything that could stain it(like the jacket above)... Felt like it could keep me warm even though it is super light. Breathability great. Not tight overall just around the armpit it feels restrained when I move my arms around. If I raise the jacket up to free myself then I can walk around armpit ok, the jacket will just be up an inch. Same air pocket stitching as the jacket above. Extra open pockets inside where the side pockets are sewed. I think it's an inner pocket?!

So despite the bad sewing and how it raises up my jacket I am still keeping this.
 Why? Because there is nothing else like this in color and material I've seen and worn. Just don't make me reach for something high or fold my arms out and up. Good casual jacket wear.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ordered online. All sizes were large. If you have a larger chest, the sports bras might be too tight for you. I will definitely keep buying F21 activewear and return ones that are really horrible and not cute. ;)

Photo screenshots from forever21.com