June 28, 2012

Forever 21 Haul - Activewear

{Sports Bra}
Bras bras bras...which material to get? Which style?

This one is my favorite. . I know there are so many fabrics out there and haven't tried all of them, but, when I know one is comfy enough I stick with what works.

The stock photo looks peachy - in actuality it is super orange neon. Be spotted a mile away.
[It is the right one even though there is another bra that says neon orange.]

Although the color wasn't what I wanted it is the type of sports bra I love that is comfy, stretchy, and no irritations. The racerback style is fine for me cause it holds well. If you work out in the sun you will get a thick no-tan line. Keeps you a little warm since its thick.

Shell: 96% nylon, 4% spandex; Lining: 74% polyester, 22% nylon, 4% spandex
...is my combo for sports bras.


The purple is beautiful and the cross straps are unique to look at. I like how the front has the thick straps and the back is strappy. This was a toughey getting into it and it felt super tight all around. Don't think I can work out in this tightness. But its sooo cute...! Cuteness always gets me. I couldn't notice the multiple straps so that part was comfy. =) There are small light pads you have to wiggle around to adjust to the right spot. I'm guessing to minimize the noticeability when it gets chilly?

Don't know if I want to return this. When running in place it does the job of holding them in. Even without running they were pretty packed in that bra. Maybe I'll get skinnier and it won't be a problem anymore. ;)


Breathable? Lightweight?

The 92% nylon/ 8% spandex material is stretchy tight to accentuate your body. The pink is fanstastic on the undersides. When I raise my arms its perfectly armpit stitching allows me to and won't rise the jacket up. Keeps warmth since its stretchy tight. Breathability is low. The medium-thick fabric material holds together so you might sweat quick with this one and retain heat...even though there are air pocket sticthing on the back. Extra open pockets inside where the side pockets are sewed. I think it's an inner pocket?!

Great for yoga and light exercises.
Reminds me of something the tmobile girl would wear. Pink and girly.
The only con to this is that it is white.
               Staining = Mortifying

Hang dry is a must since it's already a tight fit and probably would shrink drastically if thrown in the dryer. This material is the type that might create fuzz balls. It's not cotton fuzz balls...I have a tank in this material and it has fuzzies. I feel like this is a "baby" because I have to be careful not to put it on anything that could stain/dirty it up and lay it right or it might get fuzzed.

Definite good splurge in short terms.


If you plan on walking around arms straight down throughout exercises then this is for you...
When I wear this and reach for the skies or out horizontally I bare midriff and feel turtlenecked when zipped up.

Poor sewing around the armpits is what causes this effect. It's stitched down low beneath the armpit so when you you raise up your arms, the jacket levers up. Horrible horrible.
[On that photo you can see her arm slightly up when angled and you can notice how it raises on just that side..so imagine moving your arms in this and how high the ends will go up]

The color is nice, but, not as bright as the photo shows. It's more darker.
The light material of mesh(inside : upper back and around the armpit) and polyester(the DJ spin type with your nail) is lovely. I can throw this on and off and not have to worry about anything. <-- Major plus!! Cause there are some clothes I have to carefully fold or put down and make sure its not on anything that could stain it(like the jacket above)... Felt like it could keep me warm even though it is super light. Breathability great. Not tight overall just around the armpit it feels restrained when I move my arms around. If I raise the jacket up to free myself then I can walk around armpit ok, the jacket will just be up an inch. Same air pocket stitching as the jacket above. Extra open pockets inside where the side pockets are sewed. I think it's an inner pocket?!

So despite the bad sewing and how it raises up my jacket I am still keeping this.
 Why? Because there is nothing else like this in color and material I've seen and worn. Just don't make me reach for something high or fold my arms out and up. Good casual jacket wear.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ordered online. All sizes were large. If you have a larger chest, the sports bras might be too tight for you. I will definitely keep buying F21 activewear and return ones that are really horrible and not cute. ;)

Photo screenshots from forever21.com

June 24, 2012

Steve Madden 'Bolddd' Pump

 I walked by this fierce looking pump... and had to walk back to it.

I like how the front of the pump gives it that extra fat oomph look.

The spiking studs were very pointy to the touch and I can imagine this footwork for self-defense or irate kicks. =P

Very "bolddd" for sure! This one will be great for a night out.
It is definitely a future splurge.

June 22, 2012

Lovely Audrey Earrings - Jewelmint

Jewelmint came out with a pink version of Audrey earrings!

They are stunning! Pink is my color. I want i want i want!
Anyone know if the Audreys' get irritated on sensitive ears? I can't wear the cheap studs-they make my ears red. I don't want to get something that I can't wear. =/

I wish they still made Very Audrey earrings....The yellow in the center is perfect!

Get the pink ones before they're gone...!

photos via Jewelmint

June 1, 2012

LuLu wallet

 $16 Nordstrom

 This is the kind of wallet I love!
Simple magnetic opening with easy access to everything...not into that 3 part unfolding style.

Fashion Forward

Thats Heart D has the best fashion style ever. I go on a shopping hunt because of her. Haha.
From clothes to accessories to makeup - she's got it all! She seems genuine and her sense of fashion is like Paris Hilton to me...all cute fashion I want to own!
And that is why I like what she does...

video via http://www.youtube.com/thatsheart

Yay Heart! =)  ...visit her site!

Frenchi® One Button Blazer (Juniors)
photo via Nordstrom
$58 more colors available
Blazers are always fun to wear and this one is definitely a winner!
With its silky inner lining you'll love putting this on like I do.