July 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Snap Wallet

Saw this cute wallet and couldn't resist. It brought back memories.

When I was younger Sanrio was all over. Everyone was into Pochacco, Kerropi, Badtz Maru, and of course Hello Kitty! School accessories and all things Sanrio. But, this particular wallet brought back memories cause it still has the same clear slots and coin purse like the good 'ol days. I bet some fans out there still have theirs to this day! Right? I lost my original wallet. =/ It took its beat downs and it ripped here and there. It is plastic overall.
It's just funny thinking how this brand keeps going and going after all these years.

Get it!
 Cupcakes, donuts, hearts, bows, and CUTE!

July 11, 2012

i want to start a new trend...

Taking good eyeliner pencil (MAC Pearlglide Black Swan - my favorite!) and drawing cute doodles right below the collarbone when wearing a v-shirt or low top.

Heart-arrow and smiley face is what I dig right now.
Here's a quick draw in black....if you add more color and start designing, it be as if it's a colored tattoo right??

The MAC pearglide is so soft. If I want a little sparkle on my face or chest I draw on it and wipe it off; the tiny tiny silver glitter stays on and it rocks! I use Pond's The Cool Classic Cold Cream to wipe.

We'll see how this trend goes. =)