August 31, 2012

Michael Kors Jeans

Marshall' are my new discount love!

There is nothing wrong with this's just a past season style. It's a beautiful medium wash and a skinny fit. The end scrunches, so, a boot look will be my best look with it.

Go to your Marshall's and search might find a good pair of jeans for next to nothing!

August 1, 2012

Say Hello To My New Ride... ;)

Helloooooo Pink Bentley!

As I stared out the passenger window heading to Windansea with some friends at night, a pink car caught my eye and it was a Bentley! A metallic pink Bentley! Oh myyy gosh! My girl friend saw it at the same time too and we were excited and giddy about it. The boys didn't care. After we came back from Windansea we stopped by and took photos. <3!!

I'm thinking, where the heck is Paris Hilton? She can own this!

How much do they go for anyways?