September 22, 2012

Belkin - Grip Candy Sheer Case for iPhone5 Purple/Teal

This is the case I use for now because I like the teal border and purple backing with a lining on the front. The grip power is low. If your fingers are moist it'll slide a bit since its so smooth not rubber to make that 'grip'.

The Best Buy website shows the Apple logo see-thru to a shine on the back, but, it doesn't much. And as for those tiny teal dots on the lower right in the stock photo - doesn't exist. The teal is more on the darker side and the purple is more like a dark fuchsia color.
I still LOVE it though!

If I could switch the teal with this bright blue color...I sure would! So Belkin if you see me....get this exact bright blue and make it! The dark teal is an ehhh-I'll-setttle-for-now type of color.

The power and volume buttons work well with this case. =)


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