September 9, 2012

Charlotte Russe - Shoe Haul

They have vibrant colors to styles that look almost like the designers...almost. It's cheap and sometimes their quality is too. But, if you are looking for cuteness in your closet collection, few photo poses, and just like it - get it!

They have a couple sales going on:
Select shoes for $20 and Buy 1 Get 1 $15.50. Lots to choose from.

  I like the phrase, "If the shoe fits, rock it."

This sparkly leopard print pump caught my eye and even though I can't walk in it, I'm still getting it. I blame the 'if its cute i want a reasonable price' feeling in me. ;)
$35.50 on sale for $20

Motorcycle Jacket Platform Bootie
A girl tried this pair on and I had to too. It was super comfy and thick. I only took a few steps to the mirror, but...I think I can walk in this for at least an hour type of comfy.
Super cute and rockish!
Buy Motorcycle Jacket Platform Bootie Style Sonny Here

 I needed a new pair of black boots. Getting into this was tough. The hard mold above the Achilles heel was tight so my back foot couldn't push through unless I pulled the wrap part hard hoping it wouldn't tear. After that part, it felt fine. And no I don't have cankles, the boot is just made that way. =P
So with the sale, the $30.00 boots became $15.50 yay!

I would never pay $40 on a pair of CR booties. With the deal of $15.50 I figured it be as if I spent $28 each.
Hope the sale is still going...! 

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