September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out - San Diego

Fashion Valley had its runway at the center court modeling outfits from Juicy Couture, White House Black House, Chico's, Banana Republic, Tory Burch, and more! I wasn't photo frenzy cause I wanted to enjoy the moment. There are sites with all the outfits somewhere...?

Click for more...

The models were interesting. One man walked kinda funny and I could hear all around me the chatter too. So, my friend and I weren't the only ones who noticed, ha! We thought the pants were too tight at 1st then he came out again and he did the same walk. Constipated? Yeah we'll think that. =P
The blonde long hair model reminded me of Miranda Kerr-bubbly and girly. If she auditions for Victoria's Secret Pink, she'd own it! Girl go call your agent and go get an audition pronto! The Asian model had that lean back shoulder walk like something is pulling your neck back. She was pretty with her skinny cheekbones and smokey falsies look. I wish I was a model...its ok. ;) So those 2 were my faves.

A pretty pink dress...

Here's the potential VS girl...didn't like the dark outfit.

 Overall that fashion runway was ehh.

Off to the private Neiman Marcus event we go...

Neiman Marcus is where older rich people my opinion. Lots of styles have that 'older' look. If I was rich like them I would shop here too cause its money! {What do these people do for a living to make so much?! Or marry...? }The look might not be cute, but, it's upper class. 
Ya'll ever watch Price is Right with the higher or lower game? Higher! higher! lower! higher! Yeah I did that with my friend...hahahaha. The feel of their expensive clothes were eh to omgeeee!

Hors d'oeuvre, drinks, caricature, drinks, hors d'oeuvre,! Yes we were on the hunt for munching. I liked the mojitos more than the champagne. The servers were all so nice. We were chatting up with a few of them from here and the O.C. and one said only the best servers got to cater. My friend made a good point, they had to be super nice to us cause we could be potential catering customers. Well her since she is more in that side of business. We did get our munch on. I got a few photos. Don't remember the exact ingredients in each bite.

My favorites were the 'quail egg meat on a blue bread' - minus the quail egg(think slurping a yolk), 'fish in a crunchy cone on a stick', and 'fried breaded chorizo'.  There was caviar in one of the foods. My palate couldn't taste the richness, ha. The 1st floor had the good bites. We should have camped around there longer.

Was this sirloin? What they offered went 1 ear out the other...
I know this is a lamb burger...
1 of the best and decorative bites... <3

The runway clothes didn't give me ooh's and aah's. Maybe it's the super rich places like NYC, Milan that have my style of taste?

The one we did ooh at was a green dress that swooshed just above the floor perfectly.

And this outfit is a major no thanks...maybe the leopard heels.

There was a rack with all the featured clothes and we went through them looking at the cost and feel. 

This was love at 1st touch.... this shrug!
Love love love!
 Oh only how much?
Omgeee! Okay either I can get myself a handbag from some fancy designer or the most luscious  softest I-can-wear-this-to-sleep-and-go-everywhere with this shrug! Save up time save up time! Seriously I am starting a money jar for this. You would rub this on your face cause it's so soft despite that hairy look.  The tag said 100% REAL FOX ...saay what? The collar is fox and I think the rest is cashmere. I know PETA would be on my shoulder telling me to not buy this and the 'spoil' shoulder says get me. Oh the drama of real fur.. On one good note, when I was at IKEA I felt the sheepskin fur rug and the real one stank and felt horrible. The faux fur felt great and didn't stink. Easy buying decision there.
Fox fur cashmere shrug............I so do want you, but, you are bad bad bad!

Look who was there!
The famous dog in all those cute poses! 12 years old the lady on the right said. That's 84! I was watching this dog and it really did move around slow like an old one would. Aww. Keep making photos puppy!

Like that!


Fun times

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