September 15, 2012

Groupon Love...~~!

Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week cause that's when groupon has the best deals! The really good stuff usually runs out before 12pm.

For those who don't know it's a place to shop really expensive products at a bargain. However there will be products that are just whack that are wannabe-considered-expensive. I missed 2 really really awesome deals that were sold out fast before - Dyson Bladeless fan and Jewelmint's Eternity necklace!! Ahhhh. 2 things I really wanted that just so happened to be on groupon!

So here's a good one I saw and got:

Herstyler Complete Styling Set

The Deal
$59 for a HerStyler complete styling set (a $326.44 list price), which includes a Colorful Season hair straightener, a travel hair straightener, and a Baby Curls Grande curling iron.
Choose from sets in black, hot pink, purple, purple leopard, pink leopard, or white zebra.

The HerStyler complete styling set is the Swiss army knife of hair styling kits, performing any hair-taming task with its 1.5-inch and travel hair straighteners as well as a clip-free curling iron. Both the mama and baby straightening irons smooth frizz and unwanted waves with solid ceramic plates, generating glossy styles with minimal heat damage. The curling iron coils locks into springy ringlets or soft waves with the aid of tourmaline heat technology, while an included heat glove shields hands while styling or lobbing lava balls during lava-ball fights.
Colorful Season Hair Straightener
  • 1.5-inch solid-ceramic plates for speedy, uniform straightening
  • Smoothes hair for glossy, frizz-free styles
  • Adjustable heat settings with a max temperature of 460 degrees
Travel Hair Straightener
  • Ceramic plates heat in 30 seconds
  • Ideal for travel or precision styling on domesticated fairies
  • Negative-ion technology
  • Maximum temperature of 410 degrees
Baby Curls Grande Curling Iron
  • Clip-free curling iron for 18- or 25-inch curls
  • Create curls, waves
  • Instant tourmaline heat technology
  • Includes heat glove

They're usually at the kiosks at the mall. I have the pink straightener and still have trouble getting the right angle to create curls. Once I get my new zebra set I'll practice more and hopefully get the curl down perfectly. The curls I make are kinda off, but, decent. My right side ends up looking nicer than the left cause I'm right handed heh.

I also have the shampoo. It smells great and makes my hair feel soft. The serum smells the same too. If you go to the kiosks pretend you don't know if you want to spend that much or some line cause they will bargain down for you immensely. The people that talked to me always say 'just for today I'll give it to you for $100 normally $120' yaddah yaddah 'I won't be here tomorrow' or 'my boss will get mad that I'm giving you this deal''s all a joke cause they will always make money even if they even say they will sell it to you at the price she would get it for. So go with a girlfriend cause it makes it that much easier! My friend got a free shampoo cause we were like '..ugh I dunno...'. =P

I heard online buying at amazon and such it doesn't smell the be wary when thinking about purchasing online. I rather buy it at a kiosk and be able to sniff it and just do that whole 'I dunno if I want this' act.

Anyways...enough me blabbing..

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