September 29, 2012

Happy Saturday

I have been obsessing over my photo apps. making bokeh's, frames, filtering, and just trying to get it right onto Instagram. 

I tried on the H&M angora blend sweater and hate it. Am I the only one who hates a shedding sweater that feels pricky against my skin? It seriously sheds and sticks to everything. I found a nice pair of faux leather pants. One size felt just snug right and I was contemplating whether to go up a size because I knew if I washed them it will shrink. And I was not going to throw down $35 twice. I went for the snug and just hope it won't shrink and I get skinnier haha. The $5 shirts were nice. Got a thin blue top with white designs that falls low - perfect combo with the high waisted pants. 

This weather has been super warm so any thoughts of wearing pants, sweaters, or long sleeves is outta the question. Can't wait for the cool fall season...this means new wardrobe on rotation! Short shorts and tanks are making their way back deep in the closet.

I'm wondering what I can do to vamp "the Spoiled Hanger" because it feels a little...dull?

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